The Academic Laboratory of Basin Analysis (ALBA), established in 1998, is recognized as one of the most active Labs in Italy for research and training in geohistory of sedimentary basins and petroleum systems.

Its up-to-date facilities allow to:
• optically analyse organic matter dispersed in sediments and coals
• study clay minerals by means of XR Diffraction
• model burial and thermal history of sedimentary basins.

ALBA is open to Universities, Research institutes, Industries and private customers that are interested in obtaining power-diffraction data for their samples, qualitative and quantitative determinations of single and multi-phase mixtures, of air-disperded silica in Ag-filter papers and a detailed analysis of thermal maturity of sediments (Thermal Alteration Index, Vitrinite reflectance, mixed-layered clay minerals, crystallinity, 1D burial and thermal modelling) for oil and gas and geothermal exploration.

Since 2001 the lab hosted several Bcs, MsC and Phd students from Italy and researchers from abroad that could develop their own projects and produce data in collaboration with the ALBA staff.

ALBA is also actively linked to the Lab of Fluid Inclusion of Camerino University (Head: Dr. Chiara Invernizzi) for FI petrography and micro-thermometry, Low temperature thermochronology Lab at the University of Padova (Head: Prof. Massimiliano Zattin) Fission Tracks Lab of the Istituto di geoscienze e Georisorse, CNR Pisa-Firenze (Head: Maria Laura Balestrieri) for AFTA anf U-Th/He dating, Lab of Experimental Volcanology and Petrology of Roma Tre (Head: Dr. Claudia Romano) for Raman spectroscophy on organic matter; Lab of Infrared Spectroscophy of Roma Tre (Head: Prof. Giancarlo Della Ventura) for FTir spectroscopy on organic matter; Analytical Geology Lab, Messina University (Head: Dr. Roberta Somma) for laser diffraction particle sizing and x-ray powder diffraction and the Lab for Geothermal Energy (Head: Dr. Guido Giordano) for exploration on geothermal areas.

The main research topics developed in the last years are:

Geohistory and thermal history of sedimentary basins for Petroleum system assessment

Thermal and tectonic evolution of fold-and-thrust belts

Integrated techniques for the assessment of thermal maturity of organic matter and sedimentary successions for petroleum system assessment

Cap rock and reservoir rock quality assessment for geothermal exploration

Pyroclastic flow temperatures assessment for volcanic risk mitigation

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