Dr. Luca Aldega


e-mail: luca.aldega@uniroma1.it

Phone: ++39(0)649914547

Researcher in Stratigraphic Geology and Sedimentology, Sapienza University of Rome since 2010
Visiting Researcher: Department of Mineralogy, Natural History Museum, London (UK), 2008
Ph.D. in Geodynamics, Roma Tre University, 2005
Visiting Researcher: US Geological Survey, Boulder, Colorado, 2003
MSc (cum laude) in Geological Sciences, Roma Tre University, 2001

Giorgio Dal Piaz 2009-2010 award – National award for <35 years old researchers in the geology field Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei-Royal Society 2008 grant Luigi dell’Anna 2007 award - National award for <35 years old researchers in the clay mineralogy field RESEARCH INTERESTS:
Basin Analysis, Clay Mineralogy, Sedimentary Geology
Research topics:
– Study of thermal evolution of sedimentary successions in fold-and-thrust belts by integration of analytical techniques (X-ray diffraction of clay minerals, organic matter optical analysis, fluid inclusions, low temperature thermochronology, thermal-structural modeling) and classical methods of field mapping and structural geology.
– Calibration of organic and inorganic thermal parameters in diagenesis derived from X-ray diffraction, organic matter optical analysis and microthermometry of fluid inclusion for the reconstruction of geothermal paleo-circuits at low- and mid-enthalpy.
– Petrophysical and mineralogical features of clay gouge and poor-lithified sediments for the evaluation of coesismic signature of faults
Study regions: Apennines, Sicily, Pyrenees, Zagros, Ukraine, Poland, NW Argentina, Antartica.

Teaching activities include courses since 2010 for bachelor degree levels in Environmental Science (Geology and Sedimentary Dynamics) and assistantship in Field Mapping at Sapienza University of Rome. During 2001-2010 held a position of teaching assistantship for bachelor degree levels courses in Geology and Geological mapping at Roma Tre University. Served as supervisor and co-tutor of 17 bachelors and masters level theses in Geological, Environmental and Geographical Sciences and 2 Ph.D. level theses in Geological Sciences.

Since 2001 participated in several scientific projects financed by either public and private national or international institutions. Author of 32 scientific publications, and more than 70 presentations at national and international congresses. Served as peer-reviewer for Tectonophysics scientific journal and as convener and chairman at national and international scientific meetings. Current member of the Società Geologica Italiana (SGI) and the Associazione Italiana per lo studio delle Argille (AISA onlus).