Prof. Sveva Corrado

Associate Professor


Phone: ++39(0)657338002

Associate Professor in Structural Geology since 2011
Permanent Researcher in Structural Geology since 1995
Ph.D. in Geological Sciences, Università di Roma “La Sapienza” 1993
Masters Degree (cum laude) in Geological Sciences: Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, 1988
Visiting scolarships: Dept Earth Sciences – Leeds University and Fossil Fuel & Environmental Geochemistry Dept – Univ. Newcastle (UK)


Research interests:
Basin Analysis, Tectonics, Structural Geology
Research lines:
– Study of tectono-sedimentary processes in compressional and extensional settings through techniques of analysis of thermal maturity of sediments. This line represents the main and characterizing activity developed in the last years, that foresees a multi-disciplinary approach through the integration of analytical procedures developed in “Roma Tre” (optical analysis of thermal maturity of organic matter dispersed sediments, X rays diffraction analysis of clays, thermal-structural modeling) with other analytical techniques (fluid inclusions, low temperature thermochronology) and with the traditional methodologies of Structural Geology.
– Geological mapping in the Apennines. The study of the geology of the Apennines represents one of the research lines traditionally developed by the writer. It has been developed in the recent past thanks to the direction of the geologic surveys for the realization of the Geologic Map of Italy (scale 1:50,000), sheet 366 “Palombara Sabina”.
– Comparison among compressive structural styles in the Apennines. The re-analysis of well-known structures cropping out in the Apennines brought to the validation of the thin-skinned deformation model in comparison with the thick-skinned tectonics.
Study regions: Apennines, Sicily, Pyrenees, Zagros, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, NW Argentina, Ross Sea.

Head of the Laboratory of Basin Analysis

Author of numerous scientific publications, 3 geological maps and several presentations at national and international congresses. Served as a peer-reviewer for numerous national and international scientific journals. Served as session convener and chairman at national and international scientific meetings. Current member of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Scientific committee(s ince 2008), Società Geolocica Italiana, Gruppo informale Geologia Strutturale. Since 1989 participated as collaborator or coordinator in more than 20 scientific projects financed by either public and private national or international sources.

Teaching activities include courses since 1999 at both the bachelors and masters degree levels in the Geological Sciences (Basin Analysis, Labs of Geology and Field mapping, Field trips in the Apennines). Served as supervisor and co-member for more than 20 bachelors and masters level theses and 7 Ph.D. level theses in the Geological Sciences. Collaborator in short courses and seminars involving geological sciences at other national institutions on Basin analysis.