Future Event: October 2017

Future event: October 2017

Sveva Corrado will attend the Petroleum Geology Student contest  that will be held in Calvello between 4 and 5 October http://petroleumgeologystudentcontest.com/ 

Past Event: July 2017

Past event: July 2017

David Muirhead of the University of Aberdeen https://www.abdn.ac.uk/geosciences/people/profiles/dmuirhead spent a few day working at the ALBA lab and presented in a seminar his recent achievement in the field of Raman spectroscopy on carbonaceous materials to Roma Tre PhD students in Earth Sciences 

Past Event: June 2017

Past event: June 2017

Amalia Spina from the University of Perugia presented in the Annual conference of the Geosed group ( 6-20 June 2017, Perugia) a poster on some innovative applications of Raman spectroscopy to the study of organic matter dispersed in sediments together with Andrea Schito and Sveva Corrado of the ALBA lab.

Past event: April 2017 

Past event: April 2017

Andrea Schito started his 3 year post doc grant at ALBA lab! Welcome Andrea! His research topic is titled  “Piattaforma integrata per l’evoluzione termica dei bacini sedimentari. Sviluppo di nuove strategie per la caratterizzazione della maturità termica della materia organica dispersa nei sedimenti e della diagenesi dei minerali argillosi: messa a punto di nuove tecniche analitiche per la modellazione numerica”. This is a brief description of the next challange:  Lo studio dell’evoluzione dei bacini sedimentari rappresenta uno degli ambiti delle Geoscienze che maggiormente hanno fornito negli ultimi decenni gli strumenti quantitativi per l’esplorazione e la produzione di risorse energetiche non rinnovabili, ospitate nella crosta a piccole profondità; oltre a fornire significativi contributi alla conoscenza dei processi geologici e geodinamici che sottendono alla formazione dei bacini sedimentari stessi (p.e., subsidenza) e alla loro deformazione.  

L’introduzione delle tecniche di More info…

February - March 2017

Past event: February – March 2017

Andrea Schito gave a talk at the conference on Application of Analytical Techniques to Petroleum Systems Problems that was held in Burlington house from 28 feb to 1 march titled “Raman spectroscopy: a new tool for the analysis of thermal evolution of amorphous organic matter rich kerogen in diagenesis“.
More on the site 10times.com/application-analytical-techniques-to-petroleum

January 2017

Past event: January 2017

Martina Balestra  visited the IFPEN modelling section for a few days to plan her future research period for 3D modelling in fold-and-thrust belt areas.

October 2016 - January 2017

Ongoing event: October 2016 – January 2017

Sveva Corrado is spending a four-month sabbatical period of study and research at IFPEn (ifpenergiesnouvelles.fr) in Rueil-Malmaison, working on unconventional reservoirs with Dr William Sassi and collaborating for Master and PhD projects with some IFPen researchers

24th November 2016

Past event: November 2016

On the 24th of November Sveva Corrado gave a talk on Thermal evolution of fold-and-thrust belts at the Université de Cergy-Pontoise for the Geoscience Research Group

November 2016

Past event: November 2016

Martina Balestra presented the topic and first results of her PhD thesis on 3D thermal modelling of Sicily fold-and-thrust belt during PhD days of the “Roma Tre” PhD School in Earth Science.

October 2016

Past event: October 2016

On the 18th of October Sveva Corrado gave a talk in the Amphi Sequoia of IFPen Titled: Recent research activity of Academic Laboratory of Basin Analysis at Roma Tre University. New analytical techniques to constrain thermal history and structural evolution of sedimentary basins.Summary: The ALBA Research Group investigates thermal evolution of organic matter dispersed in sediments and clay minerals, to constrain tectonic evolution and structural styles of fold-and-thrust belts and passive margins. An overview of the recent research activities will be presented, with special focus on the analytical approach used to detect thermal maturity of organic matter by means of brand-new paleo-thermal indicators derived from Raman spectroscopy, in case histories where classical indicators fail. Side application to More info…

September 2016

Past event: September 2016

Sveva Corrado took part to a ten-days field campaign on the Rif with an Roma Tre-Tanger Universities team to define new joint research themes.

7-9 September 2016 Naples

Past event: September 2016

7-9 September 2016 Naples – Italy

Sveva Corrado will be convenor of the thematic session on structural geology of the 88th Conference of the Società Geologica Italiana that will be held in Naples. During the conference Sveva Corrado, Andrea Schito and Martina Balestra presented the results of their ongoing research activity with three contributions and Martina won the award for the best poster presentation for the Basin Analysis session of the conference.

19-20 May 2016 Bucarest – Romania

Past event: May 2016

19-20 May 2016 Bucarest – Romania

Sveva Corrado, Andrea Schito and Martina Balestra will attend the AAPG Regional Meeting that will be held in Bucarest (Romania) on Petroleum Systems of the Alpine-Mediterranean Fold Belts and Basins.

March 2016

Past event: March 2016

Andrea Schito will defend his thesis in front of the national committee for the title of PhD in Earth Science

24-25-26 February 2016 Bari – Italy

Past event: February 2016

24-25-26 February 2016 Bari – Italy

Roberta Maffucci will present her work on the Geothermal system of Rosario de la Frontera in the 7th European Geothermal PhD Day that will be held in Bari.

15-19 February 2016 Roma

Past event: February 2016

15-19 February 2016 Roma

William Sassi (IFPen) will be in Rome as visiting professor in ALBA and will give a short course for PhD students at Rome Tre on thermal modelling in areas of complex deformation (16-18 february)

12 February 2016 Roma

Past event: February 2016

12 February 2016 Roma

Martina Balestra will present the topic of her PhD that will be developed during the next three years, during the Opening cerimony of the Academic Year 2016 of the “Roma Tre” PhD School in Earth Science

December 2015

Past event: December 2015

Sveva Corrado attended the third EERA Joint Programm Shale Gas annual conference and Steering Committee meeting that were held in Krakow (Poland) at the AGH Institute.