Thermal and tectonic evolution of fold-and-thrust belts


Topic: Burial and exhumation paths of the tectonic units in fold&thrust belts of the Alpine-himalayan orogenic systems.

Main results: Definition of:
– maximum paleo-temperatures and P-t-T paths of of sedimentary and HP-LT chain units
– processes of acquisition of thermal maturity, ages and rates of exhumation and their relationships with the orogen geodynamic evolution with special regard to the accretion and subduction processes.

Study areas:
– Italy – Northern Apennines (Modena-Bologna sector, Tuscan-Umbrian sector)
– Italy – Central Apennines (Laga Basin, Latium Abruzzi Apennines, Sabina Domain)
– Italy – Southern Apennines (Campania-Lucania Apennines, Calabria-Lucania Boundary)
– Italy – Eastern Sicily (section between Peloritani Mts. and and Iblean Plateau)
– Iran – Zagros Mts. (Fars, Dezful Embayement), Mts Alborz
– Spain – western Pyrenees
– Ukraine –Carpathians and Podolie foreland